Guestbook coming soon.


I hate school. Still planning on working more on the site.


Stop telling me to like Misty. She sucks. I even checked out those lesser known episodes with stuff like flashing lights and she sucked there. You can't make me like her. You just can't. She's got one good point and that's it. She's just a throughly badly written dull character. She's not even a real tomboy. She's just unpleasant and lazy, like I said in my rant.


Added some more art


Took down the rants link. You can still access it if you like but it's no longer as easy to find.


Started a multi chapter story. Can't wait to see your reactions.


Added some profiles for other characters in the Paradox Princess Violet universe.


Added some fanart. This site is really coming together. I hope that you can see the effort we put into this character.


I don't really have anything to add today. I just need somewhere to talk. Thinking about adding a personal rants page.


Added a new story that should show that Violet is NOT a Mary Sue.


Got a lot of spam from that. Might if I ever have the time create a Misty hate site just to spite you all. Me hating a character doesn't mean that you can't like her. I don't know why you like her. You don't know why I hate her. For all you know I could have very good reasons for not liking her. She could be reminding me of an abuser or something like that. I like Chibiusa and the Chibiusa hate site in the links. Grow up.


Yeah, yesterday was April Fools. All pages are back to normal. It wasn't that great a April Fools joke so we didn't bother to save anything from it. Misty sucks.


We've decided to no longer be a fansite for our own character. No, my friends and I have decided to instead focus on our love for Misty from pokemon. Because we want to just talk about stuff that everyone knows about anyway. Originality is dull. Long live Misty the fun!


Sorry, I've taken the email down due to too much spam. If you have already given fanart you're still allowed to submit some though. Same with stories. I want to keep the love for the character of my friends and I alive.


Really happy with the responce to my friend's stories. Kind of surprised by Mildred's being the most popular. She doesn't really want to write more sorry. She's rather we just played them.


I got my friends to write down some stories. Told you there is an 'us'.


Yeah we had no enteries. Thought it would go like that. :p


Contest announced. If you send us a tone of money. That is a literal tone in pennies. It had better not be even a gram over or under. We will if you do that send Paradox Princess Violet round to your house. Better not annoy her.


Stories page added.


Art page added


Site is born

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