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Paradox Princess Violet Profile

Paradox Princess Violet isn't a typical princess. She's hyperviolent and a lot of fun. This website celebrates everything great about her. I have written a bunch of stories about her.

She is:

Her friends

Rebel Moon

A young girl who killed her abusive parents and ran away from home. 10 years old.

Weird Franky

A strange girl from another planet. Very quiet and unassuming, but if you get to know her she has a crazy sence of humour. 13 years old.


Once was pure and beautiful. Has broken free. 7 years old since I created her for Violet.

Caroline O'Fawn

A deeply romantic minded young woman. Needs to learn to love herself instead. Recently turn 19.

Friends of her's created by my friends.


Super hero who encourages her violent streak and taught her how to use a gun. 23. Created by Reelz


A cute girl with magic powers and cute fangs. Can turn into a fire breathing dragon and burn enermies alive but only once per month. 12

Dr Ruth Lane

The scientist who created Violet's ring and in a clutzy experiment accidently sent it way back in time. 9

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